Tuesday, September 30, 2008

To us...

Well, now that I have made the brave attempt to step into the ‘blogger’ world, let me try and get comfortable :) I usually try not to think too much while I write... somehow I feel that this makes you question the thoughts coming into your brain or heart and the letters that come out of your fingertips. I also try not to hit ‘backspace’ too much (invariably it is an invisibly glued organ to my right hand middle finger). What I do try to do is pen down as much possible before I feel sorry that I didn’t. There have been many times, where I have had one thought run into another and lose its way, sometimes I don’t get words out the way I want them to be. But then again, I am human after all, and sometimes I need to accept that instead of fighting it.

That is when I decided that I needed a new beginning, to accept… that:
• I am human
• I am good (in fact better than good)
• I have emotions
• I am not superhuman
• I can do anything (I literally mean that!)
• It’s ok to want
• It’s alright to be hurt, angry, sad, disappointed
• I have the right to be what I want to be
• I have ‘me’ by my side
• I have people in my life who love me (even if they don’t, I still love myself!)
• I can’t expect others to like me (is it too arrogant to say – ‘if they don’t, it’s their problem, not mine? ’ :) )
• I don’t have to like and please everyone in my life
• I need to learn
• I need to relearn the same thing I thought I learnt already
• I can always have my way, provided I decide to throw in a little ‘illusion’ at the right places
• I will have to change, but only for myself
• I need not be afraid (ok... lizards are an exception!)
• I am what I am

Yes, I know what you’re thinking… that is a lot of ‘I’s and ‘me’s :). Earlier when I used to write it used to be quite generic and something that anyone would understand and relate to. But somehow these days I find that my fingers have found a nerve that can be felt more by those who can relate to any or all points mentioned above. Maybe it’s just a phase, maybe it is the lull before the storm… maybe it is just me being tired. So before I lose track and start being politically correct, let me put down something that might get lost when I turn sane – “You are only as good as you want to be, and you will never be bad unless you don’t.”

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