Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Every time I lie awake,
I think of all the things I spake,
If all of this would matter,
In all of this... would anyone bother?

And all of a sudden,
The sky gleaming bright, cloudens,
As if to remind me, you can't have everything,
You can't escape the showers I bring,

I lie there, staring at the pouring sky,
Waiting for something, waiting to dry, waiting to fly,
I feel, probably this is for best,
To think I could put my wings to test,
Could I have been more my insane best?

But then, I see, a circle of color,
Not just one, hundreds galore,
Come over the once thundering sky,
As if mocking me,
Did you think I would be so shy?

To not see you awake, to see you lie,
Beneath the clouds you try to hide?

I want to see you soar,
Fly high, ever higher more,
To feel the space, my arms you grace,

So that when I set you down,
With all my love abound,
You will be strong, safe, and sound,
Beating the clouds that threaten to drown,

Now as I awake, tired and aching
To still the thunder outside breaking,
I feel my wings have flown,
To a far off land, unknown,
I feel I have tasted the blue, even for minutes few,
I feel strong, strong to test the water,
To look in the eye of the thunder,

Now that I have flown, I can swim,
Now that I can...... I can win!

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