Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What are you?

When it hits you hard, do you curl up and cry?
Make a sigh saying that it’s all you've got,

When you fall down, do you stay where you are?
Hoping someone will pick you back up,

When you tell a lie, do you wish for it to be true?
So that no one would know you told the untruth,

When everything goes blank, do you think you are blind?
Or are just waiting for the lids to open the blink,

When nothing makes sense, do you go insane?
Thinking you can't take the risk, the pain,

When you lose everything you dreamed of, do you kill yourself to live?
Eventually falling asleep only to die,

When you trust no one but yourself, do you try to be selfish?
Or just end up acting worldly wise for others,

When you cover and cram into every nook and cranny you find,
Are you waiting for the earth to swallow you into its vastness?

If taking the other way out is all you ever did,
Will you ever walk your own path?

Or are you on it already, making the world think it's the smart one,
Maybe that is who you are, not what you became,
The one who knows the right from the wrong,
The one who knows which tune sings the song…


Sri said...

We all are born with a certain nature and we keep shaping ourselves up - hopefully we do :) but all that matters at the end, whichever way we react, whatever manner we deal with life, is "Am I happy"?Isnt it?

Preethi said...

Of course Sri... What I was trying to get at was, are we being smart by accepting who we are, however or whatever it is we are or by trying to paint a pretty picture just so that we can have our world to ourselves and at the same time live the way the real world wants us to :)