Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jamie's Garden

Jamie was a little girl,
Sweet as an angel, pretty as pearl,
She had a world of her own,
A sweet little garden unknown,

Every flower in her garden was a work of art,
She nurtured them with her soul,
Cared for them with her heart,

Each flower was an emotion,
For all the times to come,
You could pluck any you wanted,
Without fear, undaunted,

But for every flower you plucked,
You had two choices,
You could nourish it like she did,
Or watch it wallow away, languid.

There were daisies for patience.
Roses for anger,
Chrysanthemums for peace,
Orchids for hunger,

Poinsettias were for love,
Tulips looked up for hope,
There were also some lilies for jealousy,
Down by the snowy slope,

One day, came along a bee,
Asked – “Could you tell me the flower for joy?”
Jamie looked around and said,
“There is none, go on, fly by”,

Said the bee as he left,
“Then I will come on the morrow,
Surely you have flowers for sorrow”,

Said Jamie to the bee,
“You don’t need those emotions to bloom you see,
If you choose your honey wise,
You won’t have to pay the price,
You can drink from the ones that are beautiful, or those that disgust,
Emotions or flowers... it’s your choice, and choose you must!”

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