Thursday, April 9, 2009

You :)

I thought I knew the answers,
To all my questions,
I thought I knew the signs,
Of all my prayers,

I felt I knew what I wanted,
Even when I didn't,
I felt I was loved,
Even when I wasn't,

I wanted to make each day the best,
Take what's now, leave the rest,
I wanted to hold on too,
Of moments with you, however few,

I did what I knew by far,
Did I leave the door a bit too ajar?
I did what I believed was right,
And it in every light,

With you I grow higher,
In your presence, I stand taller,
Looking at you, I am calmer,
In you, I am safer,

I know who you are and why,
It's not for me to belie,
To have loved me as I am,
No mock-ups, no scam,

And I know you know me too,
To have felt the same for you!

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