Thursday, April 2, 2009

Changing Colors

It's amazing to see humans change colors. Yes, you heard me right. We would actually put a chameleon to shame with our ability to adapt and become one with the environment. Now if only this would help both us and the environment, it would be an ideal story. But what if this helps neither us and in turn doesn't even give importance to the environment. Such was an incident, rather turn of events that I recently came across. What fuels my brain usually are events that would otherwise be ordinary, but somehow get turned into a mammoth crisis or get sparked into being an uneventful event.

So coming back to this 'event', a few days back there was a certain plan that we had made. Everything was more or less set, only the execution remained. And as it always happens in my life, there has to be something that comes along to ruin it. Now, whenever I make a plan, I always make sure that I pay more attention to how it can go wrong than go right. That way I am as prepared as possible to face the 'ruiner' head on, and sometimes still see my plan travel towards the end of the tunnel. The ruiner in this case was someone close who made some sort of comment and suggestion (maybe they had their own reasons to do it; if they had kept their mouth shut... I would have still continued to like them) to try their luck - to ruin our plan of course! And it kinda worked... aarrrgggghhh! For a whole day I mulled, sulked, and positively felt so disappointed that I thought the world might as well end. But day before yesterday, there was another twist of events that happened for the ruin to be averted or more aptly 'reverted'. Now I find, that the ruiner is fine with our plan and in fact can't do anything more to ruin it because the new set of events overrules it. Wow! Talk about the universe making things happen for you.

Am I now happy that I can go ahead with my plan as was intended? Yes, but the truth is I would have loved to have been spared of that one awful day thinking that it was all over. I can be all philosophical and ask - why me? But the question I want to ask is - why the hell do people think that they have a say in your life, when they don't even know how to live their own? And how is it that they seamlessly integrate into the new set of events when they come to know that there is no more damage that they can do. And on top of that pretend that they meant the best for u! The more I think about this, the more my blood boils and spills up into my brain that till now thought that being cool was more like it. If I had been my usual self, I would have made sure that no one, especially that person occupy such a position of 'influence', and would have straightened them out. But sadly, I realized long ago that being one's own true self should be reserved only for one's own self, and not for the world. That is when I decided that any person would get only the amount of importance that I think they deserve and not what they actually deserve. Because after all you are what you portray yourself to be, right?

Every time I find such incidents, it amuses me to find how people change colors and become completely something they are not. I tried to do it myself, believe me! I tried to even learn some tricks of the trade from observing such people. But I still don't get why I cant do it right. Maybe there is some nerve in that stupid brain and maybe heart of mine that can never change who I truly am, even for the world outside. I must say that I have adapted certain patterns which may make my life easier, but becoming something akin to a chameleon, is too far fetched for me. I would rather be the whale that knows how to swim in the deep seas by himself than the small fish that 'thinks' it can swallow the whale and swim just as deep.
Go swallow your own **** :)

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