Friday, September 18, 2009

Nays & Ayes

Will you please someone you don't like,
Can you kill the one you would die for,

Should you make a world you cannot live in,
Must you say things you don't mean,

Is it correct to lie to hide the truth,
When it is the truth that can set you free,

Will it be easy to suffer the pain,
So that you can come back to sanity,

How many times will you walk down the same path,
When you know it leads to where you don't want to be,

Will you ever find out what you are all about,
When you are trying hard to be someone you're not,

Could it be real if you lived in a dream,
Would the sky fall down if you willed it,

Can you undo what is already done,
How do you give up something that wasn't yours,

Is it fair to say, "I can do it all",
When you know you cannot,

Can you start all over when you're at the end,
Does the sun rise to bid the night farewell,

Should you hope that you'll make it through,
Is it certain tomorrow will be anew,

For all the things that are not, there are things that are,
Not matter where you are, you're not that far......

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