Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Liberate yourself, Move on!

I have often wondered if there was a standard, universal way of moving on. You know, like get Windows 7, now that you know Vista sucks! Just install the brilliant thing and voila! You have a brand new 'something' to look forward to. You have officially moved on. Moving on is not hard to do in the material world that we live in. Here today, gone tomorrow is the norm. In fact, it's more of - was there yesterday, you missed it by today, and you don’t even know it existed tomorrow.

But what about the other world that we live in - the one with all the bubbles of laughter, the pungency of pain, the sunlight of beautiful memories, the rain of sorrow? Did they invent a new software or operating system to wipe off the old, to ring in the new for these things? (Oh… personally I do believe they did – it’s called Hope :) ) No matter how materialistically superior we get, we self-inflictingly make sure that we do nothing to churn out things that help us intellectually, spiritually or emotionally.

I did something yesterday that I never, ever, thought I would do! I deleted all the songs from my iPod playlist. Now what does that have to do with intellect, spirit, and emotion? Everything, I say! You see, I saw myself in a never ending chain of the songs (even though they are brilliantly beautiful), the genre, and insight that my playlist presented. I ‘became’ the songs. Everyday, I would listen to the same songs - literally. There were, of course, a few exceptional songs that I could listen to again and again and again. And recently, I came across a few different kind of songs (these are really good ones too) that I felt had the immense potential to earn their status inside my playlist. I had added them in and was almost about to click Autofill on my iTunes window when the thought struck me. Do I want to be able to never find my new found good-and-going-to-be-great songs, in the sea of my really awesome, but more-or-less abused old ones? Or should I rather take the leap and make another sea of awesome songs that I can carry proudly with me for another couple of months? I decided to take the leap – I did a Ctrl+A on my playlist items and hit Delete.

You have no idea how liberating, how very alleviating, and non cataclysmical it was. The moment I put in my new genre of songs (how long do you think I could bear to see the list empty anyways :) ) I knew that I was on my way. I didn’t leave anything behind, I just moved forward. And it felt good!

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Sri said...

Ya, life is nothing but 'moving on'... its the basic of life though we feel its the most complicated thing to do :)